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How to Read a Driving Record in Arizona

How to Read a Driving Record in Arizona

Arizona's New Driving Record Format

As of 2020, Arizona's MVD has updated the format for a person's Motor Vehicle Record (or "MVR" for short).

Instead of the old system, which was fairly difficult to read, the new format for the MVR is much cleaner. However, many of the resources online currently do not yet reflect the updated format for the MVR and still describe the old format.

This guide article provides the guidance that was issued by the MVD to understanding the new MVR format. If you have obtained a certified MVR or a 39 Month Uncertified MVR, the information below will help you make sense of what you are reading:

How to Read an MVR

Withdrawal, Compliance, and Incidents/Violations

MVR License

MVD Customer Information

Driver's License Details

Current Driver's License Credentials

Driver's Address

CDL Holder Information


What is a Withdrawal on Your License?

A "withdrawal" is an action that MVD has taken against your driver's license. It is called this because it means that your driving privileges have been "withdrawn" from you. If your license has been suspended, revoked or cancelled, it will show up in the section entitled "Withdrawals." For example, if you have received an admin per se suspension for a DUI, your suspension will show up in the "withdrawal" section.


What does the "Compliance" Section Mean?

When a have a "withdrawal" on your MVR, you will also be shown a "compliance" section below that. The "compliance" section tells you the things that you need to do before you can be eligible to have your license reinstated (in MVD's jargon, this is called "completing" or "satisfying" the withdrawal).

This could include taking substance abuse counseling classes or obtaining future financial responsibility insurance (SR22). If you have not yet completed a step in the compliance section then the "Status" column of the MVR will show up as "Active." If you have already completed that step, then the Status column will change to "Satisfied."


What is a "Violation"?

A "Violation/Incident" on your MVR tells you the event that occurred on that led to the withdrawal on your driving record. This might be a DUI conviction or an Admin Per Se affidavit that was submitted by the arresting officer after a DUI arrest.

Withdrawals, Compliance, Violations/Incidents

Law Enforcement Affidavit

Incidents Without Withdrawals