Arizona Criminal Courts

Arizona’s court system contains a number of different courts that handle criminal cases. If you have been charged with a crime, the court that will handle your criminal case will depend on the type of crime that you have been charged with committing (whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony) and the alleged location where the crime occurred.

Type of Crime

A misdemeanor crime will be charged in what is called a “limited jurisdiction court.” This type of court only has the power to handle certain lesser offenses, but cannot handle felony cases.

Limited Jurisdiction Courts (for Misdemeanor Crimes)

Limited jurisdiction courts are either of the following:

  • A “city” or “municipal” court (i.e., the Scottsdale City Court or the Phoenix Municipal Court); or
  • A “justice court” (i.e., the West Mesa Justice Court or the Desert Ridge Justice Court).

Superior Courts (for Felony Crimes)

If the crime you are accused of committing is a felony offense, then city courts and justice courts will not be able to handle your case. Instead, your case will be heard in a “superior court.” This type of court can also handle misdemeanor charges when they are part of the same case as one that contains a felony charge. So if your case involves both felony and misdemeanor charges, the superior court will hear the case.

Location of the Crime

The location where the crime allegedly occurred will determine which limited jurisdiction or superior court your case is brought in. Arizona is divided into 15 different counties. Each county is further subdivided into different cities. Felony cases will be brought in the superior court for that county. Misdemeanor cases will be brought in the city court where the crime occurred or in the appropriate justice court depending on which court has jurisdiction over the location. If a case is brought in the wrong geographic court, then the court does not have “jurisdiction” and cannot hear the case. The case must be dismissed and refiled in the appropriate location.

List of Arizona Superior Courts

Below is a list of the 15 superior courts in Arizona:

  • Apache County Superior Court
  • Cochise County Superior Court
  • Coconino County Superior Court
  • Gila County Superior Court
  • Graham County Superior Court
  • Greenlee County Superior Court
  • La Paz County Superior Court
  • Maricopa County Superior Court
  • Mohave County Superior Court
  • Navajo County Superior Court
  • Pima County Superior Court
  • Pinal County Superior Court
  • Santa Cruz County Superior Court
  • Yavapai County Superior Court
  • Yuma County Superior Court

List of Arizona Justice Courts (By County)

Below is a list of the justice courts in Arizona, arranged by county:

Apache County Justice Courts

  • Chinle Justice Court
  • Puerco (Sanders) Justice Court
  • Round Valley Justice Court
  • St. Johns Justice Court

Cochise County Justice Courts

  • Bisbee Justice Court
  • Douglas Justice Court
  • Benson Justice Court
  • Willcox Justice Court
  • Sierra Vista Justice Court
  • Bowie Justice Court

Coconino County Justice Courts

  • Flagstaff Justice Court
  • Fredonia Justice Court
  • Page Justice Court
  • Williams Justice Court

Gila County Justice Courts

  • Globe Justice Court

Graham County Justice Courts

  • Graham Justice Court

Greenlee County Justice Courts

  • Greenlee Justice Court (Precinct 1)
  • Greenlee Justice Court (Precinct 2)

La Paz County Justice Courts

  • Parker Justice Court
  • Quartzsite Justice Court
  • Salome Justice Court

Maricopa County Justice Courts

Mohave County Justice Courts

  • Kingman Cerbat Justice Court
  • Mohave County Justice Court

Navajo County Justice Courts

  • Holbrook Justice Court
  • Kayenta Justice Court
  • Pinetop-Lakeside Justice Court
  • Show Low Justice Court
  • Snowflake Justice Court
  • Winslow Justice Court

Pima County Justice Courts

  • Pima County Consolidated Justice Court

Pinal County Justice Courts

  • Pioneer Justice Court
  • Casa Grande Justice Court
  • Central Pinal Justice Court
  • Western Pinal Justice Court
  • Copper Corridor Justice Court
  • Apache Junction Justice Court

Santa Cruz County Justice Courts

  • Santa Cruz County Justice Court

Yavapai County Justice Courts

  • Bagdad Justice Court
  • Mayer Justice Court
  • Prescott Consolidated Justice Court
  • SeligmanJ ustice Court
  • Verde Valley Justice Court
  • Yarnell Justice Court

Yuma County Justice Courts

  • Yuma Justice Court
  • South County Justice Court
  • Wellton Justice Court