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What Does An Appellate Lawyer Do?

An appellate attorney is typically thought of as an advocate and understands the value of fixing problems rather than second-guessing how they happened. Appellate attorneys respect the views of other members of the group both at the high court level and on appeal.

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Who Is The Party Who Files An Appeal?

Most decisions made in a criminal court case, whether at the state or federal level, may be appealed. An appeal is a request submitted to a higher court to review the decision of a lower court. It is not a retrial or a new trial of the case, and the courts typically do not consider new evidence or witness statements.

Those who wish to file an appeal cannot do so just because they are unhappy with the outcome of their trial. They may only challenge decisions that may have resulted from a legal error made in the trial court.

Common grounds for appeal in a criminal case include:

  • Incorrect jury instructions
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Sentencing errors
  • False arrest
  • Juror misconduct
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • Improper admission or exclusion of evidence
  • A lack of convincing evidence to support the verdict

What Happens When You Make An Appeal?

An appeal initiates when an appellant files a petition for appeal. The petitioner also submits a brief to the appellate court explaining the legal arguments which they believe warrant a reversal of the trial court. Winning an appeal is requires more than demonstrating to the appellate court that there was an error of law made. You must also prove that the error affected the verdict.

If the appellate court determines that the error warrants a reversal of the judgment, the case is usually sent back to the trial court with specific instructions about how to proceed. This may include a new trial being held, the judgment being modified or corrected, or the trial court considering new evidence.

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