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What Age Can a Juvenile Be Charged with a Crime in Arizona?

In Arizona, the jurisdiction of the juvenile court extends to children between the ages of 8 and their 18th birthday. Arizona Revised Statutes Section 8-201 outlines the jurisdiction of juvenile courts, and it includes any minor who is alleged to have committed an act that would constitute a crime if done by an adult.

This means that individuals falling within this age range can face charges in the juvenile justice system. However, it is essential to understand that certain circumstances may lead to a juvenile being tried as an adult.

When a juvenile reaches the age of 15 or older, the law in Arizona allows for the possibility of adult charges if the child is accused of specific offenses. These cases are treated differently, as the intention is to hold the juvenile accountable as an adult for the alleged criminal conduct.

In situations where the government seeks to try a juvenile as an adult for offenses not automatically deemed so, a transfer application must be submitted to the court. The prosecutor presents the application to the judge, who determines whether it is appropriate to proceed with adult court proceedings.

It’s important to note that a juvenile aged 14 or older, who faces a felony charge and has two prior felony convictions, may also be considered for trial in adult court. The purpose of such measures is to prioritize public safety and safeguard the community.

In contrast to the adult criminal justice system where guilt or innocence is typically determined by a jury, juvenile cases in Arizona are decided by a judge. This distinction reflects the unique nature of the juvenile justice system, emphasizing rehabilitation and treatment rather than punishment.

Furthermore, Arizona’s juvenile justice system offers opportunities for diversion programs, specifically designed to address delinquency and prevent reoffending. Referred to as “pre-filing diversion,” these programs aim to provide appropriate consequences for the actions of juveniles while promoting personal growth and discouraging future mistakes.

When Can a Juvenile Be Tried as an Adult in Arizona?

In Arizona, a juvenile can be tried as an adult under specific circumstances outlined in the Arizona Revised Statutes Section 13-501. If a juvenile has a prior felony conviction and meets certain age criteria, they may face adult prosecution.

For offenses such as first-degree murder, second-degree murder, forcible sexual assault, armed robbery, any other violent felony offense, or any felony committed by a chronic felony offender, a juvenile who was 15, 16, or 17 years old at the time of the alleged offense will be tried as an adult.

Additionally, a juvenile who was 14 years old or older at the time of the alleged offense may be tried as an adult for class one, class two, or class three felonies related to specific chapters (10 through 17 or chapter 19) of Title 13. These chapters cover crimes such as homicide, assault, kidnapping, sexual offenses, criminal trespass and burglary, criminal damage to property, arson, and robbery. A juvenile may also be tried as an adult for class three, four, five, or six felonies involving a dangerous offense or any felony offense committed by a chronic felony offender.

It’s crucial to understand that these provisions allow the justice system to treat certain juvenile offenders as adults based on the severity of the alleged crimes and the individual’s prior criminal history.

Juvenile Crime Punishment in Arizona: Consequences and Rehabilitation

When a child is found guilty of a crime within the Arizona juvenile justice system, various penalties and punishments can be imposed. These measures range from community service, fines, and reparations, to intensive probation and confinement in a juvenile correctional facility (jail). The severity of the consequences depends on the specific circumstances of the offense.

Unlike adult criminal trials where a jury determines guilt or innocence, juvenile cases are decided solely by a judge. Mandatory sentencing is not common in juvenile proceedings, and many juveniles charged with delinquency have the opportunity to participate in “pre-filing diversion” programs. These programs aim to prevent recurrence of the same mistakes through consequences such as community service, reparations, counseling, and more.

The goal of these diversion programs is to guide and rehabilitate juveniles, fostering personal growth while holding them accountable for their actions. By offering alternative paths to address their behavior, the system aims to help juveniles learn from their mistakes and avoid future criminal involvement.

What Can You Do if Your Child Has Been Charged with a Crime in Arizona?

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Stewart Salwin is a top-rated criminal defense attorney. He is a former prosecutor and Harvard Law School graduate. When you hire Salwin Law Group, you will be hiring an attorney with years of criminal law experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney.

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