Taliesin West, located in the desert foothills of Scottsdale, Arizona, is an iconic architectural marvel and a testament to the genius of its creator, Frank Lloyd Wright. Visit this link for more information.


Built-in 1937, Taliesin West served as Wright’s winter home, studio, and architectural campus. It was designed to embrace the natural beauty of the surrounding Sonoran Desert while providing a creative sanctuary for Wright and his apprentices. Read about Arizona Boardwalk: Scottsdale’s Premier Entertainment Destination here.

Architectural Features

The structures at Taliesin West exhibit Wright’s principles of organic architecture, seamlessly blending with the desert landscape. Using local materials such as desert stone and redwood, Wright created low, angular buildings that appear to emerge from the earth.

Educational Center

Today, Taliesin West is home to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, where students continue to learn and draw inspiration from Wright’s innovative design philosophies.

Visitor Experience

Visitors can explore Taliesin West through guided tours, gaining insights into Wright’s life and work and experiencing firsthand the beauty and serenity of this architectural gem nestled in the Arizona desert.


Taliesin West remains a symbol of architectural innovation and a pilgrimage site for enthusiasts of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, continuing to inspire and awe visitors with its timeless beauty and design ingenuity.